Baijiu, pronounced bye-j'yo, meaning "white spirits" in Mandarin, is a category that encompasses all traditional Chinese grain spirits. Production techniques differ significantly by region and style, and different styles of baijiu can be as distinct as whiskey is to tequila. Baijiu is the world's most popular liquor by volume, surpassing the combined total of vodka and whisky - numbers two and three, respectively. Baijiu and Western spirits are fundamentally different alcohols with respect to their production, ingredients, flavor and aromas. Ming River is made from SORGHUM GRAIN and WHEAT-BASED YEASTS.

BOUQUET: Green apple peel, papaya, guava and melon. Hint of ripe cheese.
PALATE: Pink peppercorn, pineapple and anise. A long, slightly earthy finish. 90proof.

Ming River BaiJiu 750ml